Football thug in jail warning

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A footballer who assaulted three members of the opposite team has been warned he could face jail.

Gareth Alan Moore, 21, who was playing for Lytham Town reserves broke an opponents nose and punched two other players during the match against Longridge Town .

The incident happened during a Sports 360 West 
Lancashire Football League game at the amateur club’s ground in Inglewhite Road, Longridge.

In an incident on the pitch, Moore lashed out and broke the Longridge Town player’s nose.

Seeing the attack two other members of the Longridge team came forward to intervene but when Moore then punched the two players, the game was 
abandoned by the referee.

In the same match, on Saturday February 25, a Lytham Town player suffered a dislocated knee.

Police were called to the ground on Inglewhite Road and Moore was arrested.

The advertising salesman, who lives in kent Road, Blackpool, was due to stand trial at Preston Crown Court on Monday.

However he pleaded guilty as his trial was due to start to assault occasioning actual bodily harm (ABH) and two counts of common assault.

Longridge Town’s centre back had to have corrective surgery to his nose following the attack.

Neil Fryman, prosecuting, said there was no lasting damage but said the complainant said his nose is not the same as it was before the attack.

Judge Simon Newell told Moore he was not prepared to give a “cast iron guarantee” he would not go to jail after Moore asked for an indication of the sentence he would receive if he admitted the offence.

Moore has been granted bail and will be sentenced at Preston Crown Court on December 13.