Fly-tipper false teeth

Fly-tipper false teeth
Fly-tipper false teeth
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A fly-tipper was caught – thanks to a set of false teeth.

Bungling teenager Blue Grimster was collared dumping a black bin bag from his flat bed truck in a Blackpool alley after council workers set up a covert camera.

Town hall staff traced the bag back to an address on Chatsworth Avenue, Fleetwood, where the householders identified its contents – including the set of false gnashers.

The investigator was told: “Yes, I recognise them... they are mum’s old ones and were thrown away when we were having a clear out at her house.”

Blackpool magistrates were told how the family had paid the then 19-year-old Blue Robert Grimster £70 to take away scrap metal and the rubbish.

They said the man they paid had called himself Blue.

It would have cost him £30 of the money to dump at an official council tip so he kept the cash instead and fly-tipped the rubbish on an alleyway in Norbreck, off Norcliffe Road, the court was told.

Lee Petrak, prosecuting, said: “Council officers investigating the fly tipping traced it back to a house at Fleetwood and some of a bag’s contents was positively identified by a family member.”

Gerry Coyle, defending, said: “My client has no defence. He has given up the scrap metal business now.

“He is the black sheep of a good family. His mother is a school teacher. He was caught after the false teeth were recognised.”

Grimster, of Eden Avenue, Fleetwood, admitted an offence under the Environmental Protection Act and was ordered to do 60 hours unpaid work for the community.

Today, neighbours living near the alleyway spoke out after Grimster’s conviction.

Scott MacFarlane, 61, said: “There’s been trees, rubbish, half a bathroom and piles of tyres but mainly rubble.

“I think if someone sees rubbish dumped somewhere they can dump theirs there too. It creates a tip.”

The neighbours said they have been forced to call in the council almost every week to clear rubbish and had even considered setting up their own surveillance to deter fly-tippers.

Glyn Dawson, 57, said: “Everyone’s been up in arms about it.

“I had thought about putting up a camera myself if that caught them but you shouldn’t have to do that.”

Mr MacFarlane added: “It’s good people are being caught. I hope it makes others think twice.”

Coun Gillian Campbell, cabinet member for streetscene at Blackpool Council, said: “This prosecution serves as a reminder that we as a council take a tough line on tackling and prosecuting fly tippers.

“We will use all the tools at our disposal to find the people responsible, whose thoughtless actions blight communities, cause hazard to residents and diverts a substantial amount of tax payers money to put right the affected area.

“There is no excuse to illegally dump waste. Household waste can be disposed at the council’s refuse centre in Bispham.

Grimster appeared in The Gazette in February after he escaped with a suspended jail term after using an axe to attack a rival scrap metal worker’s van in a long-standing row,

Grimster admitted criminal damage and possessing an offensive weapon.

He was told to pay £365 compensation and costs and do 200 hours unpaid work for the community.

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