Father jailed for murder

Gareth Mason
Gareth Mason
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A father who launched a vicious knife attack on his child’s mother and murdered her partner has been jailed for life.

Gareth Mason wept in the dock as Judge Stuart Baker said he may never be released from prison.

Mason, 26, of Westminster Road, Morecambe, could not accept his relationship with Katrina Redrum had come to an end.

When Miss Redrum told her ex-partner she was seeing someone new, Mason hunted the pair down to Stud Farm Holiday Park where they were living.

Miss Redrum and Adam Stirrup had spent the evening with Mr Stirrup’s 13-year-old daughter. Mason had been repeatedly calling and texting his ex-partner but she did not respond.

As the couple settled down for the evening, they heard noises outside the caravan.

They went to investigate and, as Miss Redrum went round the corner of the caravan, she saw Mason grappling with her partner.

The court heard she thought Mason was punching Mr Stirrup, but when she asked what he was doing he went on to attack her.

Miss Redrum, fearing for her safety and that of Mr Stirrup’s daughter, tried to get back into the caravan, but Mason followed her and held her as he cut her throat.

Mason then returned to Mr Stirrup and launched further blows with the knife, as Miss Redrum and the youngster took refuge in a neighbour’s caravan.

Following the attacks, Mason telephoned his mother and asked him to drive from Stoke to collect him and his three-year-old son, who had been left home alone during the incident.

He discarded the knife in nearby bushes and disposed of his clothes when the family stopped at Charnock Richards Service Station on the M6.

Mason was arrested the following day at his mother’s address.

Mason pleaded gulty to murder and GBH with intent on the basis he took the knife to the scene with the intention of slashing Miss Redrum’s tyres and did not set out to 

Judge Stuart Baker, sentencing, said: “It can not be repeated enough times. Knives kill.

“Those who take knives into a public place must expect that this fact will be at the forefront of any sentencing decision.”

He ruled Mason must serve a minimum of 24 years before being eligible for parole, but would not be released unless he could prove he was no longer a risk.

Judge Baker said; “It may be you are imprisoned for the remainder of your life.”