Father and son in court over car fracas

Preston Crown Court
Preston Crown Court
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A father and son have been sentenced for their parts in a car robbery triggered when an internet vehicle swapping deal turned sour.

Anthony Rimmer and son Damian Rimmer, both from Preston, had agreed to swap a Volkswagen Golf on an online trading site in return for an off-road motor cycle.

The bike owner, Dean Woodcock, had used his friend Zack West’s account on a swapping website to advertise the vehicle, Preston Crown Court heard

However, Anthony Rimmer sent a message to Zack West’s account after the sale, claiming Damian had been stopped by a group of men who said the bike was stolen, showed him photographs, and took it off him.

The men stood side by side in the dock at Preston Crown Court as prosecuting, Lisa Worsley said: “Zack West received texts from Anthony Rimmer saying his son Damian Rimmer had been riding the bike and had been arrested due to the bike being stolen.

“Zak West attemped to placate him and said he was not the owner. Anthony Rimmer demanded the return of his Golf or some cash.

“Faced with these threats they decided they would report the matter to the police.

“On December 20, 2012, a message was sent by the website from a person who claimed to be interested in the Golf and said he would call ‘on the way from Lancaster’.

“Later there was a knock at Zack West’s door. He saw Damian Rimmer who was on his own – he did not know him.

“He showed him around the car. As he was doing that he saw Anthony Rimmer, who he did recognise, walking towards him. He said: “‘Give me the keys.’

“Zak West explained he couldn’t do that and the Golf did not belong to him.

“Anthony Rimmer threatened him before coming closer and punching him in the face.”

The court heard the two ended up wrestling on the road before Anthony Rimmer headbutted Mr West.

Mr West alerted his friend after the incident and they went to Chorley Police Station. The victim then went to Chorley Hospital.

Anthony Rimmer, 45, of Fairfax Road, Preston, pleaded guilty to robbery on the basis that he only headbutted the victim once.

He received 15 months, suspended for 24 months.

Damian Rimmer, 24, of Halton Place, Ribbleton, Preston, admitted theft and was given seven months, suspended for 24 months.

Both must pay a £100 surcharge.