EXPLAINER: What is a community protection notice?


A Community Protection Notice (CPN) is aimed to prevent unreasonable behaviour that is having a negative impact on a community's quality of life.

Any person aged 16 years or over can be issued with a notice, whether it is an individual or a business, and requiring the problematic behaviour to stop and, if necessary, reasonable steps to be taken to ensure it is not repeated in the future.

CPNs replace current measures including litter clearing, defacement removal and street litter control notices.

A CPN was given to a Morecambe man who has since been convicted after asbestos waste was left on truck outside Lancaster home.

Another example of when a CPN may be issued includes:

* if a dog is constantly escaping through a broken fence the owner could be issued a CPN requiring that the fence be fixed to avoid further escapes,

* a shop/supermarket allowing litter to be deposited outside the property, or

* to prevent anti social behaviour such as regularly playing loud music in a public area

* begging

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Police officers, local authorities and PCSOs can issue CPNs.

But before doing so they must consider whether the conduct is having a detrimental effect on the community's quality of life and also, whether it is considered unreasonable.

The individual must be given a written warning beforehand stating that if the behaviour doesn't cease, the notice will be issued.