Escaped hound turns volunteer police dog as man arrested in Preston

An escaped dog helped police recover a wanted suspect in Preston in the early hours of the morning.

Saturday, 8th August 2020, 3:24 pm
Updated Saturday, 8th August 2020, 3:28 pm
Lancs ARV on duty in Preston

Officers had just located the hound when it barked at two men who appeared to be hiding in a garden.

A spokesman for Lancashire Police's Armed Response Vehicle team said: "An ARV in Preston found this dog who had escaped from a nearby house.

"Whilst searching for the owner, two suspicious males were disturbed in nearby gardens.

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A Lancs ARV team recovered this escaped dog in Preston - and it played a role in the apprehending of two suspects, one of whom was arrested

"This adopted police dog barked on cue and the males surrendered - turns out he’s been wanted for some time."

The man was arrested at the scene.