Drunk yob is banned from every pub in city

banned: Peter Whitesmith
banned: Peter Whitesmith
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This is the “Jekyll and Hyde” yob hit with the first ever ban from every pub in Preston city centre.

Magistrates slapped the order on 41-year-old Peter Whitesmith, banning him from every pub, bar and club in the city centre for two years.

And he is also not allowed to go near pubs in Fishwick and Deepdale.

The move comes after police compiled a huge dossier of drunken anti-social incidents involving Whitesmith.

In the past 10 years, Whitesmith has been convicted 77 times. In 90% of those cases he was drunk or under the influence of booze when arrested. Most of his offences are for violence or being drunk and disorderly.

In the most recent case, he assaulted a woman in Graham Street, Preston, in front of her severely disabled son. He then threatened a care worker with a baseball bat.

He was handed a suspended prison term and community order for that offence.

But it convinced police in Preston to apply for the city’s first ever booze ASBO, called a Drinking Banning Order.

PC Mark Douglas, who was involved in application of the order for Preston Police, said: “He is like a Jekyll and Hyde character. When sober, he is fine. As soon as he is under the influence of alcohol he tgakes on an aggressive and violent persona.

“This order was primarily applied for with the safety of the community at mind, but I also hope it becomes a wake-up call for Whitesmith and we would ask the people of Preston to help us enforce these sanctions by reporting any possible breaches by the man.”

Whitesmith, of Herbert Street, Preston, he is also prohibited from drinking booze, having an open alcohol container and being drunk in public places.

If he breaches the order, he could be hauled back before the courts and given a fine of up to £2,500. Police today warned they will now continue to use the orders on others causing drunken trouble.

Under the terms of the order, granted by Preston magistrates this week, Whitesmith’s ban area is bounded by Avenham Park and Moor Park. The area also stretches as far as Tom Benson Way and the A59 New Hall Lan