"Don't people have better things to do then try and destroy themselves?": Your reaction to our shocking footage of 'zombie' spice addicts on Lancashire streets

Shocking footage has been captured showing three people sparked out on a public bench in broad daylight after apparently taking the zombie drug 'Spice'.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 18th September 2018, 11:52 am
Updated Tuesday, 18th September 2018, 12:57 pm
Shocking footage shows 'Zombie' spice addicts on streets of Lancashire
Shocking footage shows 'Zombie' spice addicts on streets of Lancashire

The two men and a woman lie unconscious on the seat and the ground below as pedestrians walk past them in Blackburn, Lancs.

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Shocking footage shows 'zombie spice' addicts on streets of Lancashire

I used to work in the prison service this spice drug is off the scale! If you do see someone you suspect is on it approach with caution as this makes them invincible. I've seen what it does to people and you don't need to take a lot either just a small amount is all you need. It's the worst drug I've come across I understand why people do it inside prison cause of boredom but doing it on the streets is wrong if in any doubt ring the police

Shocking footage shows 'Zombie' spice addicts on streets of Lancashire

Michelle Morris

It is so sad,people are wasting away like this.Something has to be done..this is not the answer.

Zahida Parveen

I saw someone in Burnley on this few week back..it is awful to see them like this...

Karen King

One bad decision is all it takes. Could be your son or daughter.

Al Eastham

Who's to say that we are living life the right way - going to work, slaving away to the man, just because that's what society expects... People who are saying they are wasting their life doing this maybe need to have a look in the mirror

Martin Hesketh

This is horrifying but they are clearly unable to help themselves. They need support not condemnation I'm disgusted at some of the comments on this post I'm alright Jack!!

Angela Long

Shame humanity doesn't seem to be a thing these days ;(

Adele Parry

People like this need putting down like an injured animal, they are a waste of NHS time and effort, plus a waste of oxygen!

Tony Woody

Why are these people not arrested for public disorder offenses.under the influence of drugs and incapable..do your job police officer please..let them at least wake up in a cell.and let it go on the records.and when they need a criminal check when they grow up. There it will be for the employers to see..

Joyce Howard Green

Is says 'apparently' from spice . Did anyone check if they were ok or call for help, just becasue someone looks like they have taken drugs, or even may have taken drugs, doesn't mean they might not be in serious medical needs. I get it's annoying and stupid but surely we need to look out for each other.

Victoria Cank

These people are broken and lost in life , they need help.

Stephen Marsland

Manchester was horrendous the other week as I walked though the city. Pavements covered in bodies, one randomly rolled in to my path I had to skip over them. The walking dead were all over Piccadilly gardens. It really was a scene from a zombie series

Johannes Christian von Voges