Dogs seized from home

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Two pets were seized from a home as part of a crackdown on suspected dangerous dogs.

Police executed a warrant at a home on Westbrook Crescent in Ingol after reports banned dogs were being bred.

Operation: Police officers seized two dogs from an address in Ingol under a dangerous dog warrant

Operation: Police officers seized two dogs from an address in Ingol under a dangerous dog warrant

The Evening Post joined a team of eight officers as they seized a 14-month-old female dog called Misha and a five-week-old puppy called Major.

Trained dog handlers and officers, working on intelligence from the community, visited the home, owned by a 26-year-old woman, and inspected three dogs.

After around half-an-hour speaking to the owners, the mum and the puppy were then led from the home in a plastic crate and put into a waiting police van. Trained dog officers at the scene said the animal needed to be properly examined but initial indications were that it could be a pitbull – a banned breed.

Sgt Paul McLernon, of Preston Police, said: “The purpose of this warrant was to go in and assess whether or not the occupants were breeding these dangerous dog types, these status dogs.

“Working on intelligence from the community we went into the woman’s home and I explained to her we were there under a warrant to do with dangerous dogs.

“There were three people in the address, two large dogs and one puppy.

“The first one was assessed and the dog handler decided it didn’t fit the standard of a banned breed. He was allowed to go.

“We had a look at the other large dog and decided it needed to be further assessed. Information was that it was a pit-bull type.

“The dogs were taken to a secure police kennels at an undisclosed location where further investigation will be made on the dog that has been seized.”

Sgt McLernon said that once it was established whether or not the dogs were a banned breed, police would work with the owners.

He said: “The owner has indicated she would like the dog back, so we will see if we can work with the owner to get the dog microchipped and keep it muzzled in public.

“This was a successful warrant and shows the intelligence has proved accurate.

“It is a positive result and something will now be fed back to the community to show that their support in these matters is vital.”