Dog poo diaries to solve foul problem

Dog fouling
Dog fouling
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Residents with woes about dog fouling are being asked to keep a dog poo diary to help environmental health team bring irresponsible pet owners to justice.

There are an estimated 18,000 dogs in Preston - and roughly 2.3 tonnes of dog mess is deposited in its public spaces each year.

It costs the council around £100,000 to clear up after owners who do not pick up after their animals.

Jonathan Cruickshank, of Preston City Council’s environmental health team, said: “Most owners are responsible - the city actually has a 98 per cent pick up rate, which is reassuring. But we find even though people complain about dog fouling at meetings, few report it directly.

“There are two dog wardens covering 55 square miles and they can’t be everywhere at once so we are urging people to fill in diary sheets we have made to keep track of problems.

“Just one loose dog in an area could potentially lead to around 14 piles of dirt in a week, so what is a single animal can quickly look like a big problem.

“People often don’t realise that not clearing up dog foul is a crime.”

Dog foul can carry several infections that can be passed to people, including toxocariasis which can lead to stomach pain, breathing difficulties and even blindness.

Dog wardens can issue fixed penalty notices to owners of they witness dog fouling, and are able to introduce Fouling Action Zones in hot spot areas as a short term measures when they receive enough complaints

A group of 23 canine volunteers - usually dog walkers - have been introduced in areas including Sharoe Green, Haslam Park, Ingol, Brookfield, St Matthew’s and Ribbleton, who are tasked with gaining intelligence on dog fouling and people who let their dogs off leads.

Call 01772 906007 to speak to the dog wardens.