‘Dog bit me in the privates’

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A man has told how a vicious dog sank its teeth into his private parts as he worked at a house in Preston.

Horrified Malcolm Calder, 63, was visiting a mid terraced house in Cheviot Street, Ashton, on work business when the Staffordshire bull terrier burst out through a door and attacked him on June 10 this year.

The dog’s owner, Daniel Towers, 33, of Cheviot Street, has pleaded guilty to having a dog dangerously out of control during a hearing at Preston Magistrates’ Court.

Today Mr Calder, who is married with two children, said: “I’m a dog lover and don’t want to see any animal destroyed – that is a matter for the court.

“But the height at which the animal attacked is the same height as a child’s face and it’s for this reason I rang the police about it.

“I had visited this house before for work purposes and each time there was a Staffy at the door snarling, growling and chewing up any correspondence I posted through the letter box.

“On this day, the occupant left the door ajar to speak to me and I heard the dog’s owner shouting to put the dog away.

“He said to give him a moment. When he returned and opened the door the dog charged out of the door and bit my private area.

“It was over in a matter of seconds but I had suffered wounds.

“In fairness the owner was very concerned.”

Mr Calder called himself an ambulance and he was treated in Merseyside, close to his home, for lacerations between his legs.

He was also given a tetanus jab and a course of antibiotics by medics.

Towers has been given unconditional bail until November 13 when he will appear at the same court.

The court is expected to determine whether or not to grant a destruction order on the animal.