‘Devastated’ by crash that left pedestrian dead

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An elderly woman accused of causing the death of a woman by careless driving told a court she “doesn’t remember” most of the journey.

Anne Cole, 69, sat in the witness box to give her evidence at Preston Crown Court.

The court heard she believed she had been hit on a roundabout, forcing her onto the path where she struck dog walker Hazel I’Anson, 51 – an account dismissed by accident investigators.

The court previously heard she could have been suffering a diabetic episode when she failed to give way to a 32-ton wagon on the roundabout and careered off the road.

When defence barrister Rachel Cooper, asked: “How do you feel about what’s happened?,” the pensioner, of Downham Road, Leyland, sobbed: “Devastated, I don’t go out. I’ve got no confidence at all.”

Mrs Cole, who told the court she made cards as a pastime, said before the accident she had breakfast and had taken her dog for a walk.

She said: “I remember leaving the house. I remember going onto Fox Lane, where there’s a strange one way system.

“I remember going up Fox Lane but after that I can’t be sure what I did.

“I just don’t remember.

“I remember a bump and being moved. It wasn’t me that was doing the moving.

“Something hit me in the face and there was smoke and it hurt.

“I was just sitting there. I only remember somebody banging on the side of the car and then they pulled me out and my legs were stuck.

“I couldn’t get my legs out. They pulled me out and they sat me on a chair.

She added: “A gentleman came and knelt down at the side of me and had blood all over his face, and he said ‘Don’t worry, it’ll be all right.’”

She said her first clear memory was being pulled from the car.

She added: “I saw a lorry parked over on my left and I just assumed it was the driver of the lorry that had come to talk to me and say everything was all right. But it wasn’t.”

When quizzed, she said it had never occurred to her that she could have been suffering hypoglycaemia.

She denies the charge.