Detective ‘cell siting places phone near crime scene’

Victim Adam Wilson
Victim Adam Wilson
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A detective has told how cell siting technology has placed the mobile phone of a man accused of murder in the vicinity of the scene on the night, a court heard.

Jason Taylor, 21, of Westfield, Lostock Hall, denies murdering Adam Wilson, 25, in a knife attack at his ex-girlfriend Jodie Emery’s home on September 22 last year.

Preston Crown Court previously heard he left his phone at her house on Albrighton Crescent – but returned after the alleged attack and asked for it.

DC Paul Hope, of Lancashire Police, told Preston Crown Court cell siting was his area of expertise.

He explained his interpretation of the findings of a survey of ingoing and outgoing calls and texts to and from Taylor’s mobile on the night in question, as well as 
wi-fi hotspot connections.

The court heard the evidence, which involves pinpointing the phone’s location by using data from mobile phone masts, indicated Taylor’s phone was in the vicinity of Greenfield Drive, where his mother lives, earlier in the evening.

However, a 40-second phone call made from his phone to Jodie Emery’s, at 10.46pm, showed his phone had moved to the direction of her home at Albrighton Crescent, where the fatal stabbing happened.

The jury of eight men and four women was told another incoming call at 10.53pm indicated the phone was in an area covered by two masts – with DC Hope explaining it could correspond to a small area north of Albrighton Crescent.

But defending, Paul Reid suggested cell siting was “very good for showing someone may not have been where he says he was, in possession of his phone” but that there were “limitations” when it came to showing where someone was.

He suggested to the officer part of the survey could be interpreted as Taylor leaving his mother’s home on a couple of occasions.

Taylor, wearing a blue jumper over a white shirt, smiled at friends in the public gallery as he was led into the dock.

Preston Crown Court previously heard he bombarded Miss Emery with calls and texts before cycling to her house in Albrighton Crescent, Lostock Hall, and kicking in the door of the house while her children slept upstairs.

It is alleged he then inflicted a deep and fatal knife wound to Mr Wilson, 25, to his upper inner thigh, cutting the femoral artery through to the bone.

Taylor returned to the house after the stabbing and asked her for his phone back, but fled when he learned police had been called.