Dancers’ stiletto brawl at Preston strip club

Room 32, Guildhall Street, Preston
Room 32, Guildhall Street, Preston
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A dancer at a Preston strip club stamped on another dancer’s face with her stiletto heel in a fight over a glass of wine.

Sinead Dewar, 25, set upon Jessica Moran on Miss Moran’s first shift as a dancer at the city’s Room 32 in Guildhall Street.

Miss Moran suffered a fractured cheekbone and suspected fractured eye socket following the attack in the dancers’ changing area of the club.

Dewar claimed she was acting in self defence after Miss Moran confronted her over a glass of wine she claimed was taken from her before she finished drinking it.

But a jury found her guilty of causing actual bodily harm (ABH) after hearing an argument broke out between the two women in the customer area of the bar.

Preston Crown Court heard the head dancer - a woman called Danielle - stepped in and said they should sort things out away from the customers.

All three women then went downstairs to the changing rooms where Miss Moran said she was subjected to a vicious assault.

She told ther court: “I went as far as to speak but I got punched straight away in my nose by Sinead. It was really hard, straight on. From that point I was in shock.”

As blood poured from Miss Moran’s nose, Dewar reined further blows at her as she fell to the floor, where she carried on kicking her and stamping on her face.

Miss Moran remembered crawling into the toilets but said everything became a blur.

The next thing she remembered was being taken home to her young family by the son of a man who ran the bar.

But CCTV footage played in court showed Miss Moran being ejected from the club and onto a fire escape by Danielle - something the dancer remembered nothing about however she denied being drunk.

Dewar, of Rathmore Gardens, Blackpool, will be sentenced on March 27.