Dad of Preston seven-year-old who had pictures stolen for Russian paedophile website warns parents, “You can never be too careful”

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A dad from Preston is warning other parents of the dangers of posting their child’s photograph on social media after over 20 images of his daughter were found on a Russian website used by paedophiles.

The man, who does not wish to be named to avoid further intrusion on his daughter’s safety, was told about the incident by his ex-partner.

He said: “I took a call from my daughter’s mum and she told me that there were over 20 photographs of my child on the website.

“She told me to not go on the site for my own peace of mind because she’d seen some of the comments that had been posted.”

The warning comes after pictures of girls and boys as young as three, in school uniforms and in prom dresses, have been taken from family members’ social media profiles without permission, and uploaded on the foreign site, alongside pictures of naked and semi-naked toddlers from elsewhere.

The concerned father added: “My daughter is seven years old.

“I want to warn other parents to not post pictures of their children online - despite having their privacy settings fixed to ‘friends only’ how well do they know who they have on their account?

“I’ve gone through and deleted over 300 people who I only regard as acquaintances because you can’t be too careful.”

Following the incident St Teresa’s RC School, in Preston held a meeting with parents and the police.

A member of staff from the school said: “The meeting was held by the police and was well attended by our parents.

“It was more to do with e-safety and how to keep their children safe online.

“We advised that their children shouldn’t really have their own Facebook accounts given their young age.”