Dad of murdered Jane calls for register to tackle stalkers

Jane Clough
Jane Clough
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The dad of murdered nurse Jane Clough has called for a ‘stalkers register’ where potential victims can check their partner’s history.

John Clough, whose daughter Jane was murdered by ex-partner Jonathan Vass of Fulwood, claimed that despite new laws stalkers are “getting off with a slap on the wrist” and victims need better protection.

Vass attacked Jane after she ended their relationship and told police that he had raped and beaten her.

Mr Clough, from Barrowford, said: “The idea of having a register that shows the previous history of these people has got to be a heads-up for victims. The courts have got powers under new stalking laws to lock people up for five years and we’re just not seeing proper use of these laws at all. Stalkers are still getting off with a slap on the wrist. The courts aren’t treating stalking with the seriousness it deserves.

“If a stalkers register could be given the same importance as the sex offenders register it would have a significant impact. Stalking is an act of terrorism against the victim. The people who are carrying out these offences statistically are serial perpetrators.”

Vass had been reported for violent abuse in a previous relationship.

John, 53, said: “What he did to Jane, it was all stalker behaviour. He had been following her to work, stalking her from a distance.”