Customer bombards Preston takeaway worker with foul-mouthed racist abuse

Screen grab from the video of the customer
Screen grab from the video of the customer

A customer has been caught on camera bombarding a Preston takeaway worker with racist abuse.

The man, dressed in a suit, ordered a pizza from Milano's in Corporation Street late at night on Monday, October 23 before being caught on camera subjecting Abbas Mureed to a foul-mouthed tirade.

Despite Abbas, 39, filming him, the customer continues to shout obscenities at Abbas.

At one moment, during the four-minute expletive laden rant, the customer calls Pakistan a terrorist state.

"Pakistan is a terrorist state," he says. "This is my country, not yours, my country."

Abbas replies: "It doesn't matter, you're racist."

He also tells the customer: "I think you have drunk too much, I think you need to calm down, I think you should leave this place."

During the heated exchange the customer storms outside as if to challenge Abbas to a fight saying: "You don't want to come outside because you're scared."

Abbas replies: "I'm not scared, I know when we go outside just one punch will finish you off.

"We're saying nicely get out of here because you're drunk."

At one point Abbas begins to call the police and the customer says: "You can't even speak English. I speak perfect English, I'll see you later."

Challenging him Abbas says: "Why are you running away? Wait here."

At the door to the takeaway the customer impersonates Abbas' accent and dances in an bhangra dance style, mocking him.

Speaking to the Post after the incident Abbas said: "I was surprised that he was talking to me like this - sometimes if it's busy I can understand why customers are angry. He asked me if I knew about my history and I said I just work here.

"I said I think you're going on too much, I'm not interested, then I got angry and I swore at him as well then he got more angry.

"I gave him his pizza and I said I think you should leave this place.

"I said I think you are drinking, I think you should go home and calm down - he still refused to go."

Although police arrived at the scene immediately after the emergency call was made they did not catch the customer.

Abbas said: "When I show my English friends the video they all say this is 100 per cent wrong, this is racist.

"He swore at me and he swore about my country and our women."

Asked if incidents such as this were commonplace at the takeaway Abbas said: "Not like this, this situation is different."

Lancashire Police were unavailable for comment.