Cruel pellet gun thug kills pet cat

Casper, who died after being shot with a pellet gun
Casper, who died after being shot with a pellet gun
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A pet owner has been left devastated after her cat was killed and another 
injured after they were shot by a pellet gun in Preston.

Their owner, who does not want to be named for fear of the same thing happening to her remaining animals, has condemned the person behind the unprovoked attack as a “murderer” and says they are now too afraid to let their other pets outside.

The cats, five-year-old Houdini and eight-year-old Casper, who sadly died, were hit in the side sometime between January 11 and 23, around their home on 
Carleton Avenue, Fulwood.

Their owner said: “Houdini managed to make it home but poor Casper was found in a neighbours’ shed around five weeks after I had noticed he was missing. Houdini had come home and didn’t appear to well so took himself off upstairs to his bed.

“I just thought he had a bit of a rumble with one of the other cats.”

But two days later, Houdini was still not picking up.

“I picked him up and noticed the minutest twist of fur so I tugged at it gently to try and remove it,” the owner added. “But when he growled at me, I knew something was wrong.”

Houdini was taken to Oakhill Vets, Fulwood, where he had an operation to remove the pellet and to re-set his gut, costing his owner £545.

But when Casper was found, it was too late. He too had been hit in the gut, but a little higher up than where Houdini had been hit, and the pellet had gone straight through.

“I had been leafleting and putting up posters to try and get information from people to see if they had seen him but I didn’t hear a thing,” said their owner.

“When my neighbours found Casper in their shed, they thought he was asleep. I have rescued over 47 cats and 10 dogs and it has never entered my head that someone could murder one of my animals,”

PC Paul Goulding said: “I received a complaint from a member of the public that two of her cats had been shot with a pellet gun and one was fatally wounded.

“She would like other animal owners in the area to be made aware of the situation.”