COURT LATEST: Woman ‘could not tell her mum where she was going’

CASE: Police raid the address on Longworth Street, Preston
CASE: Police raid the address on Longworth Street, Preston
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A woman has told a court how she left her home country of Romania with only the clothes she was wearing, to travel to the UK with a man she had known for two weeks.

Preston Crown Court heard the woman, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, phoned her mum on the journey, but was not allowed to tell her where she was going in case her parents reported her missing and she was stopped at the border.

But when she arrived in the UK she was raped and forced into prostitution, the jury heard.

She said: “Before we left my friend was supposed to come to my place. When we left I told my mother I was with my friend and Valentine (Marius Petre).

“Vali spoke to my mum and she told me through him to take care of myself and told me she expected me to call her often.

“I was calling her every second or fourth day and of course every time she was asking if me and my friend were OK and I was answering that yes, we were OK.

“She found out when we arrived in the UK that we had come. I told him (Vali) to give me my phone, just to reassure my mum that I was OK.

“They told us to leave and told us we wouldn’t need anything because they would buy us clothes.”

Adrian Mattei, 34, and Marius Valentine Petre, 26, deny trafficking the woman and her 18-year-old friend into the UK to use for prostitution. They also deny raping the women.

A third man, Ion Ionut, 36, denies helping in the running of the brothel following a police raid at the house they shared in Longworth Street, Preston, on July 27 last year.

The woman said she had been in a relationship with Petre but he had forced her to have sex in a way she did not want to so she could make more money from clients.

She said: ““He said that this is the best way to make more money. He said he knows I don’t want it but it is better if I do because the clients request this service and and if I do it I will make more money.”


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