Counterfeit banknote shame of cameraman

SHAME: Bhs in Preston
SHAME: Bhs in Preston
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A former wedding video snapper is facing sentence after being found guilty of using counterfeit £20 notes to pay for goods at a department store.

Stephen Singleton, 33, of Lytham Road, Fulwood, Preston, targeted his former employers British Home Stores in Preston.

It is understood he had worked for the store on Fishergate, nine years earlier.

A court hearing previously heard how on February 25 last year, staff at BHS had cashed up at the end of the day and found a counterfeit £20 note in a till.

After further investigation five more counterfeit £20 notes were found in the tills.

A member of staff at BHS had recognised Singleton visiting the store earlier in the day and when CCTV footage was checked, Singleton was seen paying for several low prices goods with £20 notes and being given change for them.

After being reported for summons, Singleton had claimed he had sold an Apple computer for £600 cash and had been paid with the fraudulent bank notes.

An Evening Post source said investigators found a further 11 counterfeit notes at his home.

Singleton, who lists himself on a talent website as an “Actor, Musician, Dancer, Film and Stage Crew, Photographer, and Stylist”, pleaded guilty to five counts of passing counterfeit notes and one of possessing counterfeit currency with intent at Preston Crown Court.

The case comes three years after he was jailed for 12 months after being caught with a cannabis production factory in his home in Fulwood worth £13,700 - and that sentence was imposed just a few months after he had been given a suspended jail term after being caught growing cannabis in a wardrobe by police who were investigating a break-in.

Singleton used to run a film making firm called SS Movies.

However it is understood he developed drugs problems.

His defence barrister, Jon Close, said he had turned his life around and was now running an e-cigarette business employing other people.

Singleton is due to be sentenced at Preston Crown Court on Monday.

British Home Stores were not available for comment.

In an unrelated case another man, Michael Haworth, 34, of Atherton Close, Ashton, Preston, was jailed for a total of 15 months at Preston Crown Court on Thursday after admitting tendering a counterfeit currency note and possession of a counterfeit currency note.

This also related to a series of £20 notes.