City is hotspot for theft

Warning: Experts have issued tips on keeping your phone safe
Warning: Experts have issued tips on keeping your phone safe
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Residents in Preston are more likely to fall victim to mobile phone thieves than many other parts of the country, new insurance figures claim.

The report looks at the UK’s 30 biggest towns and cities, and deems Preston the fifth highest mobile phone theft hotspot.

It also shows Preston is one of only six cities that have suffered a rise in such incidents, with thefts in most places dropping by more than a quarter in the last 12 months.

Stephen Ebbett, of Protect Your Bubble, said: “The sharp decline in mobile thefts in most places will be welcome news to the unsuspecting victims of muggers and pickpockets.

“It could suggest mobile owners are being more cautious with their hardware, that policing is getting tougher, or that the proliferation of security apps that use GPS is helping the police to locate thieves and fight mobile and tablet crime. But there’s still a long way to go. Mobile users in London, Leeds and Manchester are far more at risk of theft than other urban areas and there are several cities where mobile thefts are rising, rather than falling - including university towns like Plymouth, Preston and Edinburgh.”

The figures show the city has suffered a huge increase in claims year-on-year, with an increase of 113 per cent in claims.

Lancashire Police did not comment on the figures, but have issued advice for owners.

A spokesman said: “Keep it with you at all times. If you can, lock your phone with a PIN code. Don’t use it unnecessarily at night as the screen will be more visible to a thief.”

To block a stolen phone, call the Crime Line on 08701 123 123