Chorley sex attacker Christopher Croasdale, who raped a mum in front of her child, has been sent back to jail for flouting order

Christopher Croasdale
Christopher Croasdale

A rapist who attacked a mum in front of her young son has been sent back to prison for flouting his notification requirements.

Christopher Croasdale, now of HMP Preston, pleaded guilty to failing to notify police he had repeatedly stayed overnight at an address where a teenage girl and her mum lived.

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The 29-year-old defendant also admits failing to notify a change of address to police on October 14, and failing to notify officers of an address he would reside at for longer than seven days on October 21.

Judge Graham Knowles QC, sitting at Preston’s Sessions House Court, ordered him to serve an immediate 34 week jail term.

Croasdale, formerly of Cheshire Court, Buckshaw Village, Chorley, was jailed for five years and four months - and made subject to notification requirements - in 2015 after pleading guilty to raping a woman in her own home.

The court heard on the night in question, he had started to message the woman lewd messages via Whats App, and she replied to the effect that she was not interested.

But later Croasdale walked into his victim’s bedroom, pulled her bedsheets off and attacked her, despite her repeated pleas for him to stop.

The case caused shock in the community after it was revealed at one point her little boy came into the room, and the mum had to try to comfort him while the attack continued to take place.

Croasdale, who suffers from ADHD, later apologised to her and said he “couldn’t stop.”

At the time his defence lawyer said due to his ADHD, it was possible that although Croasdale knew what he was doing, he may not have considered the gravity and “devastating consequences” of his actions.