Charity shop is targeted by thieves

UPSET: Manager Sheila Wales with the damage to the charity shop in Preston
UPSET: Manager Sheila Wales with the damage to the charity shop in Preston
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Thieves ripped a window from the wall of a city charity shop to break in, before stealing £20 - and an electric kettle.

The Cancer Help charity shop on Plungington Road was targeted between Saturday evening and Sunday morning, leaving volunteers “disappointed”.

Bosses today said “everybody” would suffer because of the cost of the repairs, and police were appealing for witnesses to come forward to try to track down the thieves.

Cash raised by the charity shop helps cancer patients at Vine House, and trustee Cliff Price said: “I can’t believe somebody could do this.”

Mr Price said: “They’ve taken the float out of the till, which was £20.

“They haven’t taken any stock, but what’s astounding is the amount of damage they’ve done to get in.

“They tried to get in through the roof by moving the slates, but they didn’t have any success so they prized a window frame of about 6ft by 4ft.

“That in turn caused the lintel above the window frame to collapse, which brought down all the brick work, the guttering and the fascia boards and just left it in a complete mess with a pile of bricks all over the yard.”

Mr Price said he couldn’t understand why the charity shop had been targeted. He said: “What we sell goes towards helping cancer patients at Vine House.

“Everybody suffers in a way, because it is going to cost to get it repaired, so that will be less money for the patients.

“All the staff are disappointed that somebody could come in and do what they did - it’s a bit of a set back for us.

“But we are going to keep the shop open - we’re not going to bow down to these people.”

A police spokesman said the thieves took a small quantity of cash and an electric kettle. Anyone with information should call 101.