Champagne thief took child on spree

Preston Magistrates court
Preston Magistrates court
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A thief took a child into a supermarket he shoplifted alcohol, a court heard.

David Bore, of Waverley Gardens, Ribbleton, Preston, pleaded guilty to theft of four bottles of vodka and one of champagne which happened while a youngster was with him, magistrates were told.

Prosecuting, Martine Connah said he went into the Morrisons supermarket at Preston Docks several times the same day and stole champagne and vodka, and added: “CCTV showed he was in the company of a child.”.

Preston magistrates heard the theft was discovered when the stores security guard noticed the significantly depleted vodka promotion display, and made a check to see how many bottles had been sold.

When staff realised none had been sold - according to the till systems - they checked CCTV and saw Bore stuffing the bottles into his clothing.

He had been into the store three times but told the bench he had only stolen the bottles on one occasion, and had paid for goods at other times.

Speaking in the witness box the 36-year-old said: “I stuffed them down my waistband and in my arms.

“But I only stole items on one occasion, I paid for items when I came in again.”

Miss Connah said: “In interview he said he had had an argument with his partner and needed money to buy some drink and drugs.

“He sold the bottles for £25 and drank one. He sold them to buy two bags of heroin.”

Defending, Micael Leach said his record was “commensurate” with a young man with drug problems.

The bench said the presence of the child was an aggravating feature.

He was ordered to pay £172 compensation to the store and a £150 criminal court charge.