Car vandals vendetta

Little space: Stephen Becker with his car
Little space: Stephen Becker with his car
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Police have launched an investigation after council workers had their cars scratched in an area where residents have complained about parking.

It is suspected a disgruntled resident may be behind the latest spate of vandalism, which happened on Tuesday.

Police said five other cars were damaged on South Meadow Lane in Broadgate and one on West Cliff Terrace.

But victim Stephen Becker, 48, of West Cliff, is actually a resident and believes his Vauxhall Astra was damaged mistakenly.

He said: “Behind our home, on West Cliff Terrace, there is a patch of unadopted land that workers use.

“Residents get frustrated because as soon as they move their cars the space is taken.

Five other scratched cars were reported to police in June.

The area, near County Hall, is used by council workers to park.