CANNABIS - MEDICINE OR MENACE: ‘If doctors are prescribing things, it’s a medical issue, not a police one’

Mick Gradwell
Mick Gradwell
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Former Lancashire detective and LEP columnist Mick Gradwell said:

“Doctors prescribe things that are controlled drugs every day of the week. If doctors can prescribe morphine, cannabis could also be given under proper medical advice.

“There have to be some practical decisions made as to what drugs have to be dealt with as a medical problem.

“If doctors are prescribing things, that is a medical issue, not a police one.

“The current fight against drugs has not worked.

“There has been a great deal of success in dealing with drugs traffickers and drug dealers but the problem of drugs is still not going away.

“It is quite right that people keep looking for better ways to deal with the controlled drugs problems.

“That does not mean caving in a ‘let’s legalise everything’ way.

“But it is clear another innovative approach is needed.”