‘Cameras don’t work’ near horror car crash site

Four damaged cars after serious smash at Black Bull junction on Garstang Road 7/5/15.
Four damaged cars after serious smash at Black Bull junction on Garstang Road 7/5/15.
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Concerns have been raised that speed cameras are not working on the road where a horror smash took place.

Resurfacing took place on the A6 Garstang Road, Fulwood, two weeks ago, but white lines on the road allowing speed cameras to work, have not been repainted.

College ward Coun Bobby Cartwright said: “It’s worrying because the markings aren’t there and people know cameras can’t work without them.

“The deterrent is not there and people do not stick to the 30mph limit. People have complained to me about the problem and some speeds recorded there have been ridiculous. It needs addressing because there’s a camera right outside St Pius school.”

She added: “I had my wish I’d ask the police to get out more often with the mobile speed cameras. They seem to be more effective.”

Three people from the same family were seriously injured when a suspected joyrider crashed an Audi A1 into a their car on Garstang Road at 10.50pm on Tuesday.

There is no indication of how fast the Audi was travelling, but locals have expressed conerns that the long, straight road is often used “like a race track”. In May 2011, a car was snapped travelling on the road at 126mph.

It is believed the 16-year-old boy has been released from hospital, but there is no update on his 56-year-old father or 72-year-old grandfather.

The Audi driver, a 27-year-old man from Bolton, is still under arrest in Chorley hospital, suspected of the unauthorised taking of a motor vehicle.

Ridwan Musa, Lancashire County Council highways manager, said: “After completing resurfacing schemes of this type, we have to give time for the stone chippings to bed into the surface before replacing the road markings.

“We sweep the road on a number of occasions to remove loose chippings for around two weeks afterwards before returning to replace the markings, which is a weather dependent activity.

“The resurfacing was finished on Tuesday, June 30 with the final sweep due to be done next week. We prioritise replacing markings which are important for safety such as speed camera markings and will do this very shortly afterwards.”