This must stop - call for action after repeated fly tipping makes Preston street a real grot spot

This was the squalid scene today at what could be one of the worst fly tipping horror spots in Preston.

By Fiona Finch
Tuesday, 1st February 2022, 6:56 pm

Several mattresses, a bed, a sofa and pile after pile of clothes, bags, cardboard and other rubbish have been dumped outside the disused St Luke's church on Curwen Street in Preston.

The dump is growing steadily outside the Grade II listed building - much to the horror of local residents, workers and passers-by.

The city site is on a residential street, not far from main thoroughfare Ribbleton Lane.

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The tipping on Curwen Street, Preston, today

A Post reader who contacted us about the problem said: "Something seriously needs to be done about flytipping in Preston. This is an image what took my breath away - never seen anything like it."

It was a sentiment echoed by staff at the Deepdale Neurological Rehabilitation Centre care home on nearby Fletcher Road. Staff said they regularly see cars drive up with motorists getting out to add more rubbish/ unwanted goods to the piles.

Katy Robinson said some of the centre windows overlook the rubbish and residents, out for walks, see the mess as they go by. She said : "The last time it got this bad we reported it to the council because we don't want it. It doesn't look good and obviously it's a risk for rodents as well. Every day there's a bit more rubbish."

Katy and her colleague said the problem was not new, but had gone on for years, but had improved after railings were put up around the disused church. The former Anglican church was converted into flats in 1995, but the site is no longer occupied.

The disused Grade II listed St Luke's church and the rubbish dumped outside its grounds

Coun Robert Boswell, Cabinet member for Environment and Community Safety at Preston City Council, said the site is currently under investigation. He said: “Fly-tipping is awful anti-social behaviour that blights our streets, causes environmental problems and takes up a great amount of time and resource for the council, which could be better spent elsewhere. Our Street Cleansing and Waste Enforcement team work tirelessly, cleaning up and investigating reports of fly tipping from members of the public."

He continued: "The fly-tipping on Curwen Street is currently under investigation. As the fly tipping is located on private land the council will be in contact with the landowners to discuss the matter. I encourage residents of Preston to report any fly-tipping incidents via our website immediately, giving the team specific details including locations which will enable appropriate action to be taken as soon as possible.”

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The rubbish even included a large sofa