Burglars take front window out of Penwortham house to steal £900 bike

The bike which was stolen from the home in Liverpool Road, Penwortham
The bike which was stolen from the home in Liverpool Road, Penwortham
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Thieves removed the front window of a family’s house to to steal a £900 bike - while they were awake upstairs.

Gillian Bevan was suffering with a cough and struggling to sleep on Sunday night when burglars used tools from her own shed in Liverpool Road, Penwortham, to get to the bike which was in the kitchen.

Although she heard noises downstairs, she assumed it was her daughter who had been to make a cup of tea, or her son coming home from the cinema.

She only discovered what had happened when nine-year-old Westie Hugo began barking in the hallway at around midnight.

Gillian said: “The first thing I saw was the back door open, but I wasn’t really thinking straight and thought I’d forgotten to shut it properly. I could still hear traffic noise though, and when I looked in the lounge I could see the opening window of the bay outside on the floor. I saw the hinge hanging off and all distorted.

“I realised the bike had gone, but nothing else had been touched, like we’ve been targeted just for that.”

The Cannondale Trail 5 bike was a Christmas present for son Theo, 17, who used it to get to college and work.

Gillian said: “It’s been absolutely horrific, I’ve struggled to sleep since. My house is on a busy main road, we have a dog, the light was on upstairs and we still get burgled. It’s hard to

believe. These people just don’t give a damn. I’m just glad nobody caught them face-to-face, you don’t know what they’re carrying.”

She added: “Now we’re trying to get the bike back. It’s distinctive and I want to make it too hot to handle.”

Lancashire Police are investigating. Call 101 if you have information on the burglary.