Brothers brutally set about 53-year-old in unprovoked attack

BLACK & BLUE: Eddie Stevenson's injuries
BLACK & BLUE: Eddie Stevenson's injuries
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A former hospital worker and his brother brutally attacked a disabled man with his own walking stick.

Retired oil rig worker Eddie Stevenson, who rarely gets out of the house, was attacked by Malachi and Micah Davis after his daughter Danielle took him for a drink at a Leyland pub.

The Davis brothers

The Davis brothers

Shocking pictures show the vulnerable 53-year-old, who suffers fibrosis and mobility problems, with horrific cuts to his face and head, and broken ribs. The brothers snatched his stick off him, causing him to fall to the ground, and then hit him repeatedly with such force his stick broke.

When Danielle, 21, a college student, tried to step to help her injured dad one brother attacked her, pulling her hair and punching her.

They then carried on attacking Eddie with what was left of his stick.

A few weeks later Danielle took her dad to a medical appointment at Chorley Hospital and was horrified to see Micah Davis, who was employed there through an agency, having a cigarette break.

Today Danielle said: “ These men had been causing trouble at a pub the week before.

“I took my dad for a drink because he doesn’t get out a lot. He suffered a broken leg in an industrial accident and can’t get about properly.

“The men had started getting rowdy in the pub. I think they were just looking for trouble. They were shouting at my dad. It was over someone they mutually knew but my dad had nothing to do with it.

“Later we were waiting for a taxi in the dark outside the Rose pub, on Crown Street.

“One of them poked my dad’s cheek trying to provoke him. Then they snatched his stick and he fell over.

“Micah started kicking the back of his head and his back.

“Malachi was hitting him in the face with his stick - it was so brutal the stick snapped.

“The pub had heard the commotion and closed the door so I couldn’t get in for help. It lasted about 20 minutes. I’m nine stone through and felt so helpless as they hit him.

“I tried to shoulder barge them and was screaming. Malachi Davis dropped the stick then and grabbed my hair. Clumps of it came out later. He punched me to the ground and stamped on my neck.

“Somehow I stayed conscious - I think it was adrenaline

“I went into survival mode, thinking, I’m it not letting this happen. I let him do whatever he wanted to me and then crawled away. But he picked up the broken stick and carried on hitting Dad. They left him for dead.”

Malachi, 30, of Stanifield Lane, Leyland, was jailed for 20 months at Preston Crown Court after admitting actual bodily harm and assault.

Micah, 35, of Kennet Drive, Leyland, was jailed for 20 months but the term was suspended for two years.

Danielle said: “ We couldn’t believe it when we arrived at the hospital for an appointment and saw him. We were disgusted. The staff were really good when we told them about it.

It is understood as soon as the Stevensons told the hospital about the case Micah Davis, who was working there via an agency, was dismissed.

The victims said they were disappointed at the decision to suspend his sentence.

Danielle said: “ My dad is a wreck. He cant sleep and he’s not eating.”