Brave Preston grandmother saves terrified teenager from knife-point robbery

The family of a Preston teenager who was robbed at knife-point say he owes his life to a brave woman who stopped her car and helped him escape from his armed attacker.

Wednesday, 19th August 2020, 4:32 pm
Updated Wednesday, 19th August 2020, 4:38 pm

Raynelle Barnes, 17, had been riding his bike through the Moor Nook estate when he was threatened by a young man with a knife.

The terrified teen was ordered to hand over his bike and money before he managed to escape, running desperately towards the shops in Pope Lane for help.

Frantic with fear that his attacker was chasing him, Raynelle leaped in front of a moving car outside the row of shops whilst 'screaming for help'.

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Raynelle Barnes (left), 17, with Good Samaritan Elly Hutchinson, 60, who stopped her car to help him after he was robbed at knife-point in Moor Nook, Preston at around 4pm yesterday (August 18). Pic: Danielle Barnes

Behind the wheel was 60-year-old Elly Hutchinson who slammed on her brakes and within seconds had ushered Raynelle into the safety of her car.

The startled Ribbleton grandmother said she realised something was seriously wrong when she saw the 'fear in his eyes' as young Raynelle begged her for help.

Elly then drove the teenager away from the area and to safety.

She said: "I thought they were messing about at first but then I heard him screaming.

"He jumped on the front of my car and I was very scared because I didn’t know what was happening.

"I stopped the car and told him to get in. You could see the fear in his eyes.

"I drove past my own street to get him out of danger and he was sobbing the whole time. I was so scared.

"I think I was as frightened as him to be honest, and he was terrified.

"But I couldn’t leave him like that. I would have never forgiven myself."

Raynelle and his elder sister Danielle visited Elly at her home this morning and presented her with a bouquet of flowers.

Danielle said Elly's quick-thinking and kindness had probably saved her brother's life.

She said: "Elly saved my brother from a really bad situation, we just can’t thank and praise her enough.

"There is no other word to describe her but 'hero' in my eyes. She is such a lovely woman and we are so thankful for her right now.

"He's still shaken up and doesn’t want to leave his house because he’s scared.

"But if it wasn't for Elly, my brother might be fighting for his life right now."

Lancashire Police have been approached for comment.