Brakes put on car cruise at retail park following complaints

Preston Car Cruise event
Preston Car Cruise event
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Police have threatened to seize cars after further complaints about a ‘car cruise’.

Last month the Evening Post revealed people living near the Capitol Centre in Walton-le-Dale had contacted police about noise nuisance at unauthorised Preston Car Cruise meetings.

Organisers said strict rules are given to those attending, but after more complaints - including concerns about ‘doughnuts’ in the car park and tarmac damage- the landowner has demanded they stop.

A statement on the South Ribble Police website said: “If future ‘Car Cruise’ events are held on the car park there will be an increased police presence to address any offences such as Section 59 warnings, which could result in your vehicles being seized.”

PC Joan Calderbank said the organisers have been informed and have agreed to stop the events. A spokesman for the group said members were looking for a new venue.

He said: “If the police actually helped us out and went to the people being overly noisey and told then to be quieter, or if they went up to the ones being antisocial and told them to stop then we wouldn’t be in this situation. We would love the police to step up their game and be present at all our meets and to help us keep locations for our meets rather than not helping us, saying everything’s okay and then shafting us when they get complaints.

“And in all fairness people drifting and doing burnouts does not happen in the timeframe of our meets. Our meets usually run from 7pm until 10pm at the latest and nothing untowards happens between these times. Anything that happens before or after this is nothing to do with us.”