Boy lied for his father over doorstep shooting, court told

A 14-year-old boy who allegedly took the blame for a fatal doorstep shooting told a jury he was covering for his father because "I love him to pieces".

The case is being heard at Preston Crown Court
The case is being heard at Preston Crown Court

Thomas Moseley was giving evidence via videolink at Preston Crown Court in the trial of his father, Matthew, 50, who is accused of murdering Lee Holt, 32, at their family home near Accrington last October.

The Crown say Moseley senior pressured his son to take responsibility for the shooting after he handed him the murder weapon, a semi-automatic Beretta shotgun, and told him to make a false confession to police.

Thomas Moseley maintained he was now telling the truth and that it was his father who pulled the trigger.

Nick Johnson, QC, for the defendant, asked the teenager what made him change his mind during police interviews following his arrest on the night of the murder.

Thomas Moseley replied: "Because it was the right thing to do."

Mr Johnson said: "What did you think might happen to you if you didn't say your dad it?"

The teenager said: "I would be stood where my dad is."

The court has heard Mr Holt had gone to the address in Barnard Close, Oswaldtwistle, on the evening of October 25 with his partner and her son, Wesley Metcalfe, 15, to confront Thomas Moseley over an ongoing dispute between the schoolboys.

Following a disturbance outside the Moseley home, the defendant is said to have opened the door and blasted a single shot into the chest of Mr Holt who later died in hospital.

Thomas Moseley told Mr Johnson: "Basically the front door got opened and Lee tried to come in and go for my dad."

Mr Johnson asked: "Did he make contact with your dad?"

The teenager said: "Yeah he shoved him back. I think the shotgun went off and Lee went back through the door."

He thought the two men were "within arm's reach, maybe a bit shorter".

The witness said his father then handed him the gun and asked him to take the blame before he "covered his dad's arse" when the police arrived.

Mr Johnson asked: "Why did you think you needed to cover your dad's arse?"

Thomas Moseley replied: "Because he is my dad. I love him to bits.

"He has always been there for me. He has never done owt wrong. I love him to pieces, he is my dad."

Matthew Moseley denies murder and the trial continues.