Booze and illicit cigarettes seized in police raid on shop

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A shop’s entire alcohol supply was seized over alleged licence breaches in a joint raid carried out by Lancashire Trading Standards and police officers.

Several crates and cans of Polish branded beer were driven away in a blue transit van after the operation, which took place at an unnamed shop on New Hall Lane, Preston, on Wednesday night.

Cash was also seized under the Proceeds of Crime Act, and it is understood around 2,500 packets of illicit cigarettes were also found in the store.

Today, PC Julie Stewart, of Preston Police’s licensing team, said: “ At the time of the joint visit we suspected 
offences were being 
committed in breach of the premises current licence, 
however they are still able to sell alcohol.”

The various bottles of Polish beer and spirits were taken to secure premises on Thursday morning and will remain there until any potential court or licensing hearing.

In previous similar seizures confiscated beer has been donated towards community events.

The illicit tobacco haul could lead to a court 
prosecution by Lancashire trading Standards which 
routinely tackles Preston’s black market trade in counterfeit goods.

Illicit tobacco is typically sold at around half the price of genuine tobacco, undermining price related incentives to 
discourage smoking and 
affecting legitimate shopkeepers.

There are no controls over what goes into certain black market brands.