Bob Danson trial: defendant tells cops girls kissed him

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Court news
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AN AGRICULTURAL engineer accused of molesting three teenage girls told officers his arrest was a “shock to the system.”

Robert Hayes Danson, known locally as Bob Danson, told officers he jumped at the chance to help the girls out as he wanted to be liked by them and their families.

In a police interview following his arrest, Danson, 46, said: “I wanted to be liked. I am liked. Everyone can see I’m not violent or a druggie or anything.”

Danson said he played with the children but explained: “It was just normal playing, like playing with young girls, young lads, whatever it was.

“They was (sic) daft as brushes, full of life, as kids are. They would jump up and tickle you.

“It was just a normal thing that you do with kids.”

But throughout the recorded interview, Danson denied the tickling and play fighting had ever escalated to anything sexual.

He admitted the girls would kiss him in a friendly way to say goodbye or to thank him when he helped them out.

But he told officers: “I thought it was a normal thing to do but looking back as you are reading this out to me, you see things on TV, and think, was that wrong?

“It was a ‘thanks very much kiss’.”

One of the girls told officers Danson had made a comment about her developing breasts which made her feel uncomfortable, but Danson denied making such a remark.

The woman also claimed she had watched videos with Danson, including Basic Instinct and Cape Fear when she was a young teenager.

But Danson said: “I have never gone and got a video out to watch with her, like a sexual film.”

Earlier in the trial the woman spoke of several years of sexual abuse during which she believed Danson was her boyfriend.

The prosecution allege that the kissing developed into a more intimate style of kissing, followed by sexual touching.

The woman claims the abuse carried on for several years until she had sex with Danson when she was 14.

Two other woman also claim to have been touched by Danson when they were children between 1985 to 1997.

One of the women reported the matter to her school child protection officer but the complaint was not followed through.

Danson, formerly of Woodplumpton, but now of Birch Avenue, Newton-With-Scales, denies 11 counts of indecent assault and two counts of indecency with a child.