Bishop’s friend speaks out to defend care home staff

Bishop John Satterthwaite
Bishop John Satterthwaite
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The closest friend of the former Bishop of Gibraltar, who was mistreated by a carer at a Lancashire home in the weeks before his death, today defended other staff.

John Mulcahy, who is in his late 60s, was a friend of Bishop John Satterthwaite’s for 25 years and became his carer after he was diagnosed with dementia.

It was he who found him a place at Buckshaw Retirement Village, near Chorley.

Bishop Satterthwaite’s mistreatment there was revealed by the Evening Post last week. Carer Kate Rogowski, 25, of Ayrshire Close, Buckshaw Village, is serving an eight week jail term after being found guilty of assault by forcing him to have a cold shower and slapping his bottom, which Preston magistrates’ said was “degrading and humiliating”

It sparked outrage in the Christian community, with the Dioceses of Carlisle and Blackburn jointly expressing shock.

But today Mr Mulcahy, from Chester, said: “The ill treatment of any vulnerable person is truly shocking and not to be tolerated. However I feel it’s important to get things in perspective.

“When the time came for John to go in a care home I looked at more than 30 homes before settling on Buckshaw. I was surprised at how quickly he settled in to his new home - he didn’t realise he was in a home, he thought it was a flat, and was very fond of the staff.

“Never in the five years of visiting did I see any bruises on his legs or torso. John was very well cared for, and they showed him nothing but kindness.

“I met the woman in question and never had cause for alarm.

“The question I ask myself is do I regret placing him at Buckshaw Retirement Village, and the answer is not for one moment.”

He died in May in Chorley Hospital.