Asbos for the infamous five

Kian Lowe, Chloe Scott, Toni O'Sullivan, Charley Blakey and Ryan Blakey
Kian Lowe, Chloe Scott, Toni O'Sullivan, Charley Blakey and Ryan Blakey
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A teenage gang who terrorised a community for two years have been given anti-social behaviour orders to put an end to their reign of terror.

Kian Lowe, 13, of Dawson Walk, Preston, Chloe Scott, 15, of Elizabeth Street, Toni O’Sullivan, 15, of Derby Square, Charley Blakey, 15, of Elizabeth Street, and Ryan Blakey, 16, of Lawson Street, all appeared at Preston Magistrates’ Court.

Police presented a dossier of evidence which detailed how the group blighted a community, near the city centre and Moor Lane, for years with anti-social behaviour.

Each youth has been banned from a series of apartment blocks in Preston city centre, and banned from using and encouraging others to use foul and abusive language.

Following representations by the Evening Post, District Judge Jane Goodwin refused applications by their solicitors to impose Section 39 restrictions on the case, which would have prevented the press from identifying them. Passing two-year Asbos on each defendant, the judge said it was “necessary the information is made available to the public,” and added: “It is hoped publication may act as a deterrent.”

But another court order, preventing reporting of the full details of their offences, remains in place.

Some of the youths yawned and sniggered among themselves as court proceedings took place.

Prosecutor Rachel Fung described it as “the worst case of anti-social behaviour” she had dealt with in recent times.

The youths have been banned from The Room apartments on Lawson Street, any UCLan building, Bedford Court and Cragg Row, among others. The Asbos also prohibit them using foul language and associating with named individuals.

Today Tim Saul, landlord of the Bedford Court flats, off Moor Lane, showed the Evening Post damage at the building believed to have been caused by the group.

He said: “The most worrying thing is that it is a timber-framed building. We have had to replace locks with toughened security locks.

“It seems to be an attraction to get in and get to the top floor, where youths drink and cause trouble.”

Paul Bolton, caretaker at The Room apartments, on Lawson Street, said: “The flats have suffered around £9,000 damage here in the last couple of years. It has cost us to put things right.

“They gained access by ringing until someone let them in. They would play knock and run, sometimes at 10pm. It was a nuisance for residents.”

Sgt Darren Carr, from Preston police, said: “These individuals have caused a catalogue of problems for local residents for over two years, despite many efforts to address their behaviour.

“I am delighted that the court has taken the decision to impose five full Asbos. This is a great result for us and for the community of Preston as a whole. I hope they send out a clear message that we treat this type of behaviour seriously.

“When someone is a victim of anti-social behaviour, it reduces how safe they feel, especially if it continues. These Asbos will give us the ability to closely monitor these individuals’ activities and hopefully prevent many more people becoming victims. It will also give us the means to get these individuals quickly before a court for any breaches.”

Sgt Carr added: “A lot of hard work has been done by our officers working in partnership with other agencies to gather the evidence to achieve this result.

“Today’s Asbos have been welcomed by the group’s victims and we will do everything within our power to rigorously enforce these conditions to protect them. We ask any member of the public who sees any of the named teenagers misbehaving or breaching any of their ASBO conditions to report them immediately.

“These teenagers are now suffering the consequences of their pack mentality and anti-social behaviour.

“If you are a victim of this type of crime then please tell us and we can put interventions in place and put a stop to it. You can either call your local neighbourhood policing team or 101.”