Appeal after twin owls stolen

One of the missing Barn Owls
One of the missing Barn Owls
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Twin owls have been stolen from a property in Woodplumpton, near Preston, police said.

Officers from Lancashire Police posted these photos of the Barn Owls on to its Facebook page.

The 17 month old identical twin owls called Wilma and Betty were stolen overnight on Friday.

The owls are sisters and have been hand reared since birth.

They were last seen at 8pm in their Avery on Friday, but the owners woke up to find the owls missing.

A Lancashire Police spokesman said: “The owners are distraught at the theft and we are seeking any information into finding out were Wilma and Betty are.

“It is believed they would struggle to live in the wild as they have always been looked after by the owner.”

Anyone with information should call Preston Police on 101 for attention of PC 3473 Chris Banks or PCSO 7383 David Reid.