Aggressive drunk man who 'stopped traffic' in Preston street had a brain injury

Adelphi Street, Preston
Adelphi Street, Preston

A man who walked into a busy road and tried to stop alarmed motorists was suffering from the effects of alcohol combined with symptoms from a brain injury, a court has heard.

Omar Muntazeer, 33, of Dawson Walk, Preston, then became aggressive to members of public, a court heard.

He has admitted a charge of being drunk and disorderly in what the court heard was a tragic case.

The defendant had never come to the police's attention until July 2017, after he suffered a head trauma.

Since then he has amassed seven convictions for 10 offences - mainly of being drunk and disorderly - and his latest offence brings this to eight.

In the most recent incident on January 7 he had tried to stop passing cars on Adelphi Street before causing disruption in a barber's shop, Preston Magistrates' Court was told.

Prosecuting, Elliot Taylforth said: " At 11.35am police received a call about a man, the defendant, walking into the road shouting and being aggressive to members of the public, and trying to stop vehicles.

"On arrival they found he had entered a nearby barber's shops. The defendant was clearly drunk and unsteady on his feet, shouting and swearing.

"They tried to have a conversation with him but he became abusive and started to spit on the floor, and was arrested."

Muntazeer is involved with the NHS neurological rehabilitation team and suffers severe to moderate deficits in his memory, difficulties with his balance, problem solving skills and difficulties reading and writing.

Defending, Craig MacKenzie said: "You can see from his record there's some sort of pattern of behaviour as a result of a brain injury he received in 2017.

"He has poor memory and co-ordination and those conditions coupled with drink lead to him offending.

The bench imposed an £80 fine, £30 surcharge and £40 costs.

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