After police incident at Leyland primary school, 'lockdown' policy explained

A police incident near the school prompted a lockdown
A police incident near the school prompted a lockdown
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In the event of a major incident, any school will need to implement its lockdown policy.

After an incident outside the school gates at St Anne's Primary School in Leyland, staff implemented the school's lockdown policy.

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The lockdown policy is something that all schools are now required to have, so that staff and pupils can be kept safe in case of incident.

Some of the scenarios that schools are now required to plan for include terrorist attacks, an incident near the school or a threat from an intruder or agrieved parents.

Fortunately, these type of incidents remain very rare, but schools still need to prepare.

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The Safeguarding in Schools website recommends that schools take the following steps to identify risk:

1. Identify the likely risks to the school

2. Identify the mitigating measures in place to slow down or prevent access into the school site and buildings

3. Identify any parents or students that might present specific risks; or risks presented by the community, for example, the impact of gangs.

4. Look at how current alert systems can enable different sounds to be given for different events

5. Think about a ‘two stage’ lockdown

6. Consider how these steps can be shared or, if appropriate, practised with pupils without spreading fear or alarm

7. Consider how communication with parents can be made to minimise panic responses