Accused driver who drove off after his car struck a boy told police it 'could have been a flaming rock'

The motorist whose car killed a teenage cyclist told officers he did not stop after hearing a bang because he was 'shellshocked'.

Thursday, 22nd March 2018, 4:07 pm
Updated Friday, 23rd March 2018, 7:10 am
Dylan Crossey

Defendant David Harwood, 42, of The Close, New Longton, was interviewed after an accident led to the death of Dylan Crossey.

Harwood is accused of striking the teenage cyclist in his car on a country lane as he made his way to see a woman he had just met on an internet dating site - with an allegation he was distracted by his sat nav at the time.

He is said to have continued driving to the woman's address and claims he realised he had struck the boy the next day when his brother told him a 'young lad' had been hurt in an accident.

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Jurors at Preston's Sessions House Court were read a transcript of the conversation in which he insisted he had put the postcode into the sat nav moments after leaving home, and not on the road where the collision happened.

Asked by police: "Why did you not stop when you knew you'd hit something?" he replied: "Because I was absolutely shell shocked, I was just in complete shock when it happened - the noise, the boomf, the bang.

"I didn't really know what I was thinking. I was just sat in the seat."

The officer said: "Anybody who was in your situation would be shocked but what I'm saying to you is why did you not stop? Why did you not stop when you knew something substantial has hit your vehicle.

"Didn't you ever think about what you left behind?"

Harwood said: " I didn't, honestly I didn't - I was just like 'What on earth' and I just carried on. I was completely, you know, traumatised."

The officer retorted: "You were traumatised but you carried on to the lady's house, someone you haven't met before?"

Harwood replied: " I know and I understand looking at it that was very very wrong to do and I do know that, but I was just that shocked."

Jurors heard he also said during the interview that "you know it could have been somebody that had thrown a flaming rock or something."

Officers then asked about remarks he had made to his brother that he was "punching" into the sat nav and the "next thing I knew was bang."

Harwood said: "No, I didn't. I wasn't punching it in there."

Harwood denies causing death by dangerous or careless driving.

The court was previously told Harwood ploughed into the back of the 15-year-old’s unlit bike on a country lane in Whitestake late at night, but did not stop or slow down, despite the fact his wind screen was damaged.

Dylan, a promising junior footballer, died the day after the accident from severe head and neck injuries.