Abusive pasts of almost 150 Lancashire people revealed by police under Clare’s Law

Clare Wood
Clare Wood
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The abusive pasts of almost 150 violent partners in Lancashire have been revealed under Clare’s Law.

The scheme, named after Clare Wood who was murdered in Salford by her former boyfriend, was rolled out nationally in March last year.

It had been piloted in Gwent, Wiltshire, Nottinghamshire and Greater Manchester, and Lancashire had the highest number of disclosures outside those forces, at 146.

Clare’s Law allows the police to disclose information about a partner’s previous history of domestic violence or violent acts.

At least 1,335 disclosures have been made across England and Wales under the law, following 3,760 applications for disclosure.

Other figures revealed that courts across the country have granted 2,220 domestic violence protection orders.

Miss Wood’s father Michael Brown said he was “quietly delighted” the law was being used, but feared the high figures were only the “tip of the iceberg”.