Abused girl was ‘locked in bedroom’

Picture posed by model
Picture posed by model

An abused girl kept prisoner in her own bedroom by her drug-addled parents has been placed in secure accommodation because social workers in Wigan cannot control her.

Until the age of eight, an older brother effectively acted as her jailer, with her bedroom door kept closed with wires, the High Court heard.

She was also forced to wear nappies, despite her advancing age, and denied access to a toilet, causing her to suffer “profound physical and emotional harm”, the court was told.

Now aged 15, the girl is currently being cared for by Wigan social services - but has a number of convictions for assaulting social workers responsible for her welfare. She has often housed common household items as weapons.

Last week the girl, referred to only as ‘M’ kidnapped a social worker, locking her in a bathroom, then punching her and threatening her with a shard of glass, the court heard.

An application was made by Wigan Council’s lawyers to keep the 15-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, in secure accommodation.

Frances Heaton QC, for Wigan Council, said 11 different residential placements had broken down because of the girl’s violent behaviour.

Granting the order, Mr Justice Hayden said: “M, in her present circumstances, remains a risk to herself, her carers, other young people and to the public generally.”

The judge will review the order, made under the Children’s Act, this week.