Abattoir employee ‘cut his friend’s arm in money row’

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An abattoir worker tied up his colleague with a belt then “jabbed him” with a knife in a row over £60, a court heard.

Rafal Popiol, 37, St Mary’s Road, Bamber Bridge, attacked Mateusz Laniecki in his bed after he failed to pay it back.

The pair worked at Dunbia slaughterhouse, Bamber Bridge before the incident in December 2014.

Armed with a knife Popiol used a belt to tie his victim’s arm behind his back, looping it around his neck to choke him, Preston Crown Court heard.

Popiol stamped on him and kneed him before jabbing the knife in his arm.

Prosecuting, Saul Brody said: “At some point Mr Laniecki tried to grab the knife by the blade. He sustained a small slice wound to his palm.

“During the attack, when he was still on the floor, the defendant picked up and stole his wallet, his Nokia phone and said they were ‘his now’.”

The victim fled his flat on Daisy Meadow bare footed.

Mr Brody added: “He heard the defendant shouting Mr Laniecki had made him look like an idiot and that he would kill him.

The court heard Laniecki ran to his cousin’s home and was too afraid to report it to the police, to go home, or to go to work.

Three days later he was walking to the shop when Popiol rode past on a bicycle and allegedly threatened to poke him in the face with a screwdriver.

The victim called police.

The court heard before the attack, Popiol threatened to kill him with a ‘knife from their workplace’ during a phone call.

Popiol denies grievous bodily harm, burglary, and possession of a weapon.

Laniecki is due to give evidence by a video link from Poland. (proceeding)