Crews rescue man trapped by side of canal after night out in Lancaster

A man was rescued from the side of the canal after he became stranded following a night out in Lancaster, say firefighters.

Crews were rescued the man in Lancster
Crews were rescued the man in Lancster

Crews were alerted to the emergency near St Peter's Road by the 20 year-old's friends at around 3.20am on Tuesday, June 12.

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Watch Manager Kevin Warwick said: "We rescued a young chap after he'd had a few beers and somehow got himself stuck by the canal-side.

"He was around 15ft down the side of a wall with no access to the road and he was unable to get up.

"It was quite a precarious position and he could very easily have gone into the water.

"We placed two firefighters in the water to access the man and put a ladder down the wall.

"He had no memory of how he got down there and his friends didn't know either.

"It was a potentially serious incident - if he'd gone into the water, there could have been very serious consequences.

"The man had some cuts to his hands and legs where he'd been trying to climb out, but apart from that he was fine.

"Please do take care near water especially when you have been drinking."

Firefighters spent around three-quarters of an hour at the incident.