Crews called to kitchen fire in Penwortham

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A man in Penwortham sparked a fire brigade call-out after he accidentally lit the wrong ring on his hob and set light to a plastic container, say fire services.

Crews were called out to the incident on April 2 at a property on Kingsfold Drive.

The man placed the bowl with vegetable peelings on a rear ring, while he lit what he thought was a front ring to cook his vegetables.

However, he accidentally lit the rear ring which caused the bowl to melt.

A spokesman for the fire service said: "A resident turned on the rear ring on his electrical hob instead of the front ring by accident. He was going to cook his vegetables on the front ring. He had placed a plastic bowl on the rear ring with vegetable peelings in, the heat from the rear ring melted the bowl causing slight heat damage.

"Luckily the resident was alerted by the activation of the automatic smoke alarm within his flat. He quickly removed the bowl and placed it in his sink to cool it down.

"This is something that we would not like people to carry out, especially the elderly as many injuries occur when people try to extinguish fires themselves.

"When the fire service arrived there was a small amount of smoke which we ventilated from the property utilising pressure fans."