Crews battle 'serious' blaze after tealight sets fire to bath

The property was extensively damaged by the fire
The property was extensively damaged by the fire
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Crews from Blackpool were called to a 'serious' blaze which pumped out heavy toxic smoke after an unattended tealight set fire to a bath.

Firefighters raced to the scene on Milbourne Street at around 9.45pm last night after neighbours heard a smoke alarm and called 999, say fire services.

Fire crews were forced to use breathing apparatus while battling the blaze due to the dense and toxic nature of the smoke.

Watch Manager John Riley said: "The fire was caused by a tea light candle left burning on the side of the bath.

"Tealight candles can reach extremely high temperatures - the foil container becomes extremely hot - so if they are placed directly onto a plastic surface, like a television, stereo or even the edge of a bath, the tea light will burn through the plastic very quickly, causing a fire.

"Fortunately, the neighbours, on hearing the smoke detector and smelling smoke, immediately rang the Fire Service.

"Crews were faced with a heavily smoked logged property caused by the burning fibreglass bath. Two Breathing apparatus and a hose reel were used to extinguish the fire and a ventilation fan was used to clear away the toxic smoke.

"The occupiers are finding alternative accommodation due to the severity of the fire.

"We realise that tealights have become increasingly popular in recent years to create a relaxing or romantic atmosphere in the home.

"However, many people are still unaware of the dangers that candles and tea lights can present.

"The flame from a candle can quickly ignite a nearby curtain or clothing if it's placed too close, or gets knocked over. Candles that are forgotten and left unattended can also cause fires if not placed in proper candleholders."

The property was extensively damaged by the fire with much of the first floor unlivable.

Fire crews were on scene for about an hour.

Nobody was injured during the incident.