Creationist to visit Lancashire church

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A controversial creationist is visiting Lancashire this week to "dismiss" the evolution theory.

John Mackay will be visiting Leyland Pentecostal Church, Broad Street, to talk about the origins of the Earth as part of a UK tour.

The former science teacher from Australia will tell believers that Genesis is true and that the Earth is only thousands of years old, not millions, as is commonly accepted.

Bill Mason, a deacon at the church, said: "John chose to come to Leyland because we invited him. Our church believes in the creation theory.

"We believe in Genesis and the creation of Adam and Eve. With evolution there is no science to say it took place. It is accepted, but that does not make it proof.

"I first met him a year ago in Penwortham and, from then on, I became more interested. It is a totally different interpretation."

Mr Mackay is a geologist who travels the world with a team of researchers to seek evidence, in the form of fossils and living creatures, as part of the investigation to try to prove the consequences of creation and the Flood.

He said: "I challenge people to debates and at one recently they voted that evolution lost. The question we ask is how would you recognise creation if it fell on you? A definition of creation is anything that cannot happen by itself."

Mr Mackay will be visiting Leyland Pentecostal Church, Broad Street, on Saturday 13 May.