Council offers advice to tenants

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West Lancashire Council is offering advice to council tenants who will be affected by Government changes to housing benefit rules.

Around 1,300 tenants across the borough are likely to be affected by the welfare reforms, which will reduce housing benefit for council tenants who live in properties that are larger than they need.

The changes apply to working age customers and pensioners are not affected.

Letters are now going out inviting tenants to contact the council, as their landlord, to discuss the situation.

The council will then be able to check the details of their circumstances to confirm if they will face a benefit reduction, and give advice.

Acting as landlord, the council will make contact with all the tenants who are affected and if required will arrange personal visits to discuss the changes and give advice.

Under the new system, council tenants of working age receiving housing benefit will see the number of bedrooms compared to a standard national formula for working out the size of property needed.