Could you give pet a loving home?

Lovely lad: Stan
Lovely lad: Stan
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Could you give one of these furry friends a new home?

Many of the animals at the Preston & District RSPCA branch are rehomed shortly after they arrive.

But some, while they are just as cute and cuddly as the rest, get left behind at the centre on Longridge Road and become “long stay” cases who are just as desperate for a home as the ones that leave.

Here, trustee member Heather Park tells us about some of the potential pets that came into the centre.

Stan is a three-year-old white crossbreed who would suit a mature family of over-18s with no other pets.

Heather said: “Stan has been in our care for nine months now after being neglected by his previous owners.

“He is a lovely lad and really deserves a good home.

“Stan is an energetic young chap who just loves to play and he has learnt his basic commands while being at the centre, but would benefit from more training.

“He is always pleased to see you and loves nothing more than a good game of fetch and a run around. He just loves to run round with a plastic toy in his mouth enjoying the fresh air.

“Stan would make a brilliant addition to a mature family who will be able to give him the love and attention he has been missing out on.

“The staff and volunteers at the centre really love Stan and are really desperate for him to be given a second chance after the horrible start to life he has had. Stan is now ready for a home and family to call his own but unfortunately, due to the amount of time he has spent in kennels, Stan doesn’t like other dogs and would have to be an only pet.”

Lester is an eight-year-old tabby and white cat who is brilliant, very playful and would be fine in a household with other cats.

“Lester came into the centre when his previous owner went into a home,” says Heather.

“He has been with us since January and on arrival we discovered he had a heart murmur and arthritis.

“Lester has became more and more depressed by being in the centre and after months of sitting patiently waiting for a forever home,

“Lester was fostered by a member of staff who says he is like a little kitten, playing with his toys and running around acting silly.

“He does also have the more sensible and affectionate side where he will curl up on the sofa with you and have a cuddle.

“Lester will have to be on lifelong painkillers for his arthritis, however he is not on any medicine currently for his heart murmur and there is a lot of life left in him.

“He really deserves a nice home where he can live life to the full and enjoy all the benefits of being in a loving home.”

Hattie is a three-year-old black and white cat who was found dumped in the centre’s car park in a cat carrier in January.

Heather said: “She is a lovely cat who really did not like being in the cattery.

“Some of the staff have taken her on night duty in the flat at the centre and she completely transformed into an outgoing, normal cat, whereas in the cattery she just used to hang her head and be very subdued.

“Hattie is now in foster care and is loving being away from the cattery, but is still looking for her forever home.

“She is very calm, likes to play with her toys and is very affectionate and just loves to be fussed – any attention is very welcome.

“She would make a great addition to most families.”

To enquire about any of the animals, visit, call 01772 792553 or email